The kitchen is quite possibly the room of the house where we spend the most time throughout the years. It’s where many families gather to share meals, spend time together, do homework and entertain friends. The kitchen is really the focal point and gathering place of the house.

For most homeowners, cabinets are an important component both in terms of form and function. Kitchen cabinetry has to look good, stand up to a lot of use, and provide ample storage space. The choice of what kind of cabinetry to install – prefabricated, custom built or semi-custom – should be based on a number of factors. Find out what the advantages of each option are and how to determine the best type of cabinets for your home.

What Is the Goal for the Kitchen Remodel?

Before jumping into a kitchen renovation project, it’s best to have clear goals laid out. This will help you make key decisions as you go through the process with a contractor, kitchen designer, or even if it’s a DIY project. In general, it’s good to keep in mind that the budget for the kitchen renovation should be proportional to the value of the house.

The first question to ask yourself is ‘what is the purpose of this kitchen remodel project?’

Remodeling for a Fresh Look

If you don’t plan on living in the house for a long time, but still want an updated kitchen, you should check out the prefabricated options first. It’s possible to get a fresh look with fair quality at a reasonable price. Modular kitchens can be a good option for rental properties or transitional homes where investing in cabinet style and quality for the long-term makes less sense.

Remodeling for Keeps

If you are aiming to modernize your kitchen, we recommend choosing custom or semi-custom options. Adding new appliances and sleek cabinetry will give it that elegant look you want. Because these options involve a more sizable investment, they’re not the recommended choice for flipping a property. Custom kitchens are advisable for properties that already have significant value or for a home that you will cherish for many years to come.

Remodeling to Sell

The kitchen is one of the biggest factors for resales. Houses with new, modern-looking kitchens spend much less time on the market. Yet, when flipping or selling a house, you want to be sure to get a fair price for the work put into improvements. For this reason, prefabricated or semi-custom kitchen cabinets are the preferable choice. Designers can’t accurately predict what styles and features will be in high demand in five years. Plus, it’s hard to tell what new buyers will want. For that reason, a mid-range remodel budget will help ensure a strong return on investment.

The Advantages of Prefabricated Kitchen Cabinetry

Prefabricated cabinets are a quick fix for kitchen remodeling. They come in standard sizes and with a predetermined set of finish options. You can still find a range of storage options. Buyer beware, though. Check the quality of the cabinetry. Carefully look at the type of wood used even on the inside of the cabinets and the quality of the joints. Look for sturdy hinges and drawer track systems. Shelves should be at least 5/8 of an inch thick to prevent curvature over time.


It’s no secret that modular kitchen options are the most budget-friendly. As long as you stick to selecting cabinets and features from the standard options, it is usually the less expensive option. Be aware that any modifications or requests for customization can quickly add up though.


Because prefabricated cabinets are standard orders, they can usually be delivered faster than custom options. Installation is also a quick process. The kitchen components are ready to assemble or pre-assembled and the standard-sized cabinets just need to be positioned in place.

The Advantages of Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

When you use your kitchen often and want special features, custom cabinets may be the right option. Custom kitchens can get pricey quickly, but they are also considered great property investments. Because the options are literally endless, the renovation will require you to work with a designer and contractor.


Custom cabinetmakers price by the job. Special finishes and design features will obviously increase the overall cost. But the end value of the renovated kitchen will be significantly higher. This is because custom cabinetry is made with a solid wood overlay from higher quality materials, such as oak, maple or cherry. Tongue and groove joints and more stability to the structure and make drawers more durable. You can select drawer sliders and hardware that will stand up well to the test of time. Additionally, the cabinets have stronger backing allowing them to be hung at any height.


Today’s custom options allow you to design exactly the kitchen you want – from rustic to modern. You can select everything down to the smallest detail – style, color, layout, storage solutions, finish, hardware, etc. Custom details to consider include exotic woods to match the flooring or furniture in the home, unique door styles, and glass inlays.


Kitchens with unusual dimensions and irregular angles may require custom cabinets. Cabinetmakers are able to create pieces that will fit the exact measurements of the room. Plus, custom cabinetry is best at optimizing space and utilizing smart storage solutions that fit the way your family uses the kitchen.

The Advantages of Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Semi-custom may be the perfect solution for your kitchen. Reputable kitchen brands offer a range of semi-custom options. Homeowners can often choose from a wider selection of styles and finishes. They benefit from the lower price and quicker delivery of standard sizes and details, while also designing custom cabinets to meet particular needs or spaces. Because all the cabinetry is built by the same company, it’s still sure to have a uniform look and consistent finish. With a limited amount of customization, homeowners can get a remodeled kitchen looks great and fits their style.

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