As your business grows and changes it’s inevitable that the office space it occupies will have to adapt and evolve as well. Whether your company has grown in numbers, experienced higher demand or has redirected its business focus, it may be the right time to remodel. Listen to your employees and staff. If they say they need more room or a different type of space in order to be more efficient, this is a strong indication.

The interior and exterior of the office building should reflect the company’s mission. Updating marketing material with pictures of the new office will help project a successful image and forward-facing attitude.

There are five main reasons for commercial renovation these days. Remodeling projects can give a business a fresh look, make operations more efficient, increase staff safety, create room for expansion and help lower costs.

Keep up with the Times

A company really only has one chance to make a great first impression. Even if your products and services are modern and innovative, a run-down or dated office building can send the wrong message. The last thing you want is for clients to think you’re going out of business rather than building on success.

Office spaces should be renovated regularly to stay relevant with changing styles, industry trends and to maintain a modern look. Additionally, remodeling could be a key part of the process if your business is rebranding, drastically shifting focus or changing its offering.

Boost Productivity

Professional contractors can ensure that the business stays open during the renovation project. Plus, once it’s finished, remodeling should actually improve organization and efficiency. Contractors aim to optimize space, make functional work areas and storage, and facilitate workflow.

Commercial building renovations are highly customized to fit each company’s particular needs. By designing workspaces that make employees more comfortable, performance and productivity increase.

Safeguard Employees

The staff is the most valuable asset of any company. Office spaces should be designed to work for them. There is a wide range of safety considerations depending on the type of commercial building:

  • Adherence to current fire and safety codes,
  • Unobstructed exits,
  • Ergonomic office furniture,
  • Safe flooring,
  • Comfortable lighting,
  • Handicap accessibility,
  • Facilitate airflow,
  • Ensure office security.

These are just a few points to keep in mind when starting the office renovation and construction process.

Make Room for Growth

Encourage development and ensure that your company can meet increasing demand by providing plenty of room to grow. Office renovations should reflect business development plans. As you look ahead to the next five or ten years, the office can be redesigned to allow expansion. Smart remodeling decisions may actually help your company to stay in the same office as it grows. Space can be optimized now in order to accommodate future business needs.

It’s also important that remodeling provides the right kind of office space. The process should take into account a larger staff and the addition of new equipment. Flexible workspaces can help the company make transitions in the future. Storage space and technology are also key considerations in designing a new office.

Reduce Operating & Maintenance Costs

In today’s business environment, competition requires strict cost control. One of the goals of a remodeling project should be to reduce energy costs whenever possible. Construction materials and techniques have come a long way in recent years. For older office buildings, renovation can help increase sustainability.

Office renovation can help reduce operating and maintenance expenses. Here are a few examples:

  • Installing energy-saving windows and doors,
  • Improving the use of space,
  • Using more durable furniture and materials,
  • Adding better insulation,
  • Updating the heating and cooling system,
  • Increase natural illumination,
  • Switch to LED lighting.

A few smart, simple changes like these can make a big difference. Lowering energy bills also helps to ensure success for the company in the long term.

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Update your office while increasing safety and efficiency. Make room for your business to expand while containing costs. Commercial renovation can have a great positive effect on your company’s success and staff morale. Call ACA Remodeling at (610) 692-7188 for a consultation or contact us online.


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